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The Innovation Commission of the Aragonese cluster Zinnae was held on 25 March 2021. At this meeting, different projects focused on the digital transformation towards Industry 4.0 in the water sector were presented. Together with Pirineos Metal, Ingeobras presented the progress of the OXI-TWIN project.

This project was created to meet the need to digitise water treatment and optimise processes, thereby reducing the costs derived from this activity in the industry.

Ingeobras and Pirineos Metal combined their expertise in purification and digitisation to develop a demonstration pilot designed with direct mineralisation techniques based on advanced oxidation. Similarly, a sensor-based management platform 4.0 was developed, integrating CFD simulation data with digital instrumentation data.

Unlike traditional solutions, which require qualified personnel at the plant to diagnose HMI data, this type of 4.0 control captures data in real time and allows for centralised remote management.

The information reaches an intermediate server and is displayed on a dashboard according to established parameters. This data arrives in real time to the connected devices and in the case that one of them shows a change, this is automatically reflected in the server, which at the same time sends the action to be taken to the plant.

It is a very effective system that allows:

  • Problem diagnosis: Alerts can be set up as soon as a problem is detected and received via email, WhatsApp or in the most convenient way for the company.
  • Predictive maintenance: It is able to prevent possible failures by learning from multiple sources.
  • Automatic management of consumables: The system automatically warns of a future lack of consumables through a direct connection to ERP.
  • Real-time data:Thanks to a functional block programming and high-level language.
  • Remote management through different devices
  • It can be switched off when it is not in use: By using advanced oxidation technology there is no reliance on live batteries to be maintained in the water treatment and therefore the system can be switched off when not in use, generating significant cost savings.

After the successful execution of this project, Ingeobras has the necessary knowledge to offer this type of services in its projects.

This project has received support in the form of a grant under the programme of support for Innovative Business Clusters (AEIs). This programme to support the strengthening of „innovation clusters“ is part of the European strategy to improve competitiveness for innovation.

The clusters that can benefit from the programme’s aid are those entities whose innovative potential and critical mass have earned them the recognition of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism through their registration in the Register of Innovative Business Clusters.

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