With Filtralite, we have developed a technology that completely eliminates the Iron and Manganese present in the water. We are capable of eliminating from 0.5 ppm to over 50 ppm in the most competitive way on the market.

What is it?

It is a technology that completely eliminates these contaminants to obtain water that is totally reusable at the most competitive cost on the market.

It can be used to remove a single material or together to remove both. This technology is fully developed and already in a fully commercial phase (TRL 9) .

The problem

Iron and Manganese are common elements on the surface of the earth and can seep into groundwater tanks. Iron is more common than Manganese but they often appear together.

The presence of these materials in drinking water is not dangerous to health in small amounts but can give water an undesirable taste, colour, and odor. The water takes on a reddish tone if it contains Iron and a reddish-black tone if it contains Manganese.

In the case of continuous consumption of water with high concentrations of these components, it can generate joint pains, chest pains, arrhythmias or haemochromatosis.

In addition, it can generate serious damage to pipes, conduits and irrigation or process water outlets.

Advantages of this technology
  • Low operating cost
  • Reduced chemical consumption
  • Low investment cost
  • Functional low-pressure technology
  • Long life of the filter media
  • Highly tested

Commercial phase


Arsenic removal

A technology that removes Arsenic in a single step, without the need for maintenance or water conditioning or the use of chemicals.

Heavy Metal Removal

With the HMR filters we are able to remove heavy metals such as Chrome, Zinc Cadmium, Iron, Manganese, Arsenic, Copper or Nickel.

Uranium Removal

A technology that removes Uranium in a single step, without the need for maintenance or water conditioning or the use of chemicals.

Water treatment for the Agri-Food Industry

Anaergy is a disruptive technology for water treatment in the agri-food industry, extremely efficient, small and innovative, which also generates energy.

Advanced Oxidation

Our chemical team is currently working to optimize the results obtained in advanced oxidation processes to gain efficiency and flexibility.

Biological Denitrification

Puremust-sn ®, Spain’s leading biological denitrification technology is certified by SGS to remove up to 1400 mg/l of nitrates in drinking water or osmosis rejects, four times more than what has been achieved so far.

Fluoride Removal

An innovative technology that significantly increases the retention capacity of the Fluoride contaminant in drinking water in the most durable and cost-efficient way on the market.