Innovative technology to reduce COD and BOD levels without relying on biological methods

What is it?

It is a technology that transforms the oxidisable organic components of an organic molecule to reduce the levels of Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD). Both are measures used to measure the degree of pollution of water from rivers, lakes, aquifers or any type of water that may contain an appreciable load of organic matter.

Thanks to Advanced Oxidation we do not depend on live batteries that must be maintained in the water treatment (biological methods) which means that the water treatment can be turned off when not in use, generating significant cost savings.

Advantages of the Technology
  • These devices are totally flexible as they can be switched on and off as soon as they are needed, just like any other device.
  • They solve problems such as seasonality
  • There is no dependence on living bacterial beds that cannot be monitored and which must be supplied with nutrients even if the company is not generating waste.
  • It increases the biodegradability of water by facilitating further biological processes.
  • It reduces operating and maintenance costs
  • It enables the capture of data in real time

Iron Removal

With Filtralite we have developed a technology that removes iron in the most effective and competitive way on the market.

Arsenic removal

A technology that removes Arsenic in a single step, without the need for maintenance or water conditioning or the use of chemicals.

Heavy Metal Removal

With the HMR filters we are able to remove heavy metals such as Chrome, Zinc Cadmium, Iron, Manganese, Arsenic, Copper or Nickel.

Manganese Removal

With Filtralite we have developed a technology that completely removes the Manganese present in the water at the most competitive cost on the market.

Uranium Removal

A technology that removes Uranium in a single step, without the need for maintenance or water conditioning or the use of chemicals.

Water treatment for the Agri-Food Industry

Anaergy is a disruptive technology for water treatment in the agri-food industry, extremely efficient, small and innovative, which also generates energy.

Biological Denitrification

Puremust-sn ®, Spain’s leading biological denitrification technology is certified by SGS to remove up to 1400 mg/l of nitrates in drinking water or osmosis rejects, four times more than what has been achieved so far.