Puremust-sn ®, Spanish leading biological denitrification technology manages to be certified by SGS to eliminate up to 1400 mg / l of nitrates in drinking water or osmosis rejections, four times more than what has been achieved so far.

What is it?

Ingeobras has developed a patented nitrate removal system with the name PUREMUST-SN ®

PUREMUST-SN ® is based on the elimination of nitrates that water contains, by a heterotrophic biological procedure, transforming nitrates into nitrogen gas.

PUREMUST-SN ® can also be used for the elimination of sulfates that water contains by transforming them into gas sulfhydric acid.

System advantages
  • No rejection water is generated.
  • It does not generate waste harmful to the environment.
  • It does not need high working pressures.
  • Low power consumption and chemical reagents.
  • Reduced space for implementation.
  • System with automatic installation control.
  • Modular equipment adapted to each case