Since the planning of projects to the implementation of the works, INGEOBRAS has a solid experience in the development of civil works, having its own personal in its staff.


  • Civil engineering

  • Industrial projects

  • Architecture[

  • Housing

  • Equipment

  • Foundation

  • Arquetas

  • Utility boxes

  • Development of industrial sites

  • Calculation of public networks

  • Access routes design and planning

  • Calculation and design of access routes


Our Works:

  • University of Fine Arts, Teruel

  • Motorland Circuit Boxes

  • Glass Construction in Málaga Airport

  • Salesian Headquarters in Haití

  • Cooperation in building Ikea Mall in Zaragoza, Spain

  • Cooperation in building San Jorge University Center in Zaragoza, Spain

  • Cooperation in building Pavilion Bridge for Expo2008 in Zaragoza, designed by Zaha Hadid


Industrial Design:

The industrial sector requires customized solutions to ensure the effectiveness, development and optimisation of our own resources. That’s why, INGEOBRAS designs specific projects for the industrial sector.

  • Industrial Network design

  • Calculation and design of electrical equipments

  • Air-conditioning system

  • Gas

  • Lighting

  • Water Works