Water engineering



3D Scanning



Civil works and structures


Applied engineering

We are focused on the improvement of the processes, profitability and the development of every company. Engineering as a development driving force of our environment. This is the philosophy of Ingeobras and their solutions for every project.

One-off solutions

Differentiation is key to companies. Ingeobras responds to each need with the appropriate solution with a single common element: excellence.

Global Vision

Ingeobras has carried out projects in more than 20 countries in 4 continents. No matter the place, it’s the visión that counts.

From Beginning to End

From idea to reality. Ingeobras endorses all the projects they are working in to raise the solutions, design projects and run the works. A turnkey service that ensures the quality, deadlines and the Budget originally set.

Ingeobras in Perú

Ingeobras have seen in Perú that efficient water management and its use is key all over the world. Ingeobras was in Lima with the Aragon Water Cluster, Zinnae, as a part of the internationalization process of the companies that make up the cluster. Ingeobras was accompanied by Zeta Amalthea and the NGOs Ecodes, who has…

Grupo Ingeobras